Instant KYC verification service

Any document - Any device - Any country

Why choose GreenPoint for your KYC operation ?

GreenPoint does much more for you than checking customers IDs.

Whatever the type of documents you need to verify, GreenPoint is a full stack service designed to match your business process and industry regulation guidelines.

All document types
ID, proof of adress, payslip, legal status document, bank details

Human & Machine
High-end technology platform with a mix of automate and manual chekcs

Full-Stack solution
Fully customizable from data collection to customer validation

AML/CTF risks
Real time NameCheck against sanctions lists, Interpol, PEP with our partner CDDS

What we do

Save time, money, efficiency and turn lights to green !

We’re offering the best experience to your users, reduce fraud, increase conversion and enhance your back-office efficiency.

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Discover GreenPoint’s Instant Mobile KYC

Green-point’s mobile technology allow your customer to identify and register themselves in real time.

- Integrate ID validation API into your native app.
- Invite your client to take a snapshot of his ID.
- Collected data are checked by GreenPoint in real time.
- Customer confirms his registration.
- That’s it !

Some figures

3 500 000

Documents processed


Document types


Countries available


Minutes to integrate the API

These industries rely on GreenPoint for their KYC operations

More than 200 marketplaces, P2P payment and crowdfunding platforms are using GreenPoint to comply with their respective industry regulation and AML/CTF directives.

We provide real-estate professionals with a full verification service to accelerate and secure rental and transaction agreements.

We provide +50 financial institutions with fully customisable and white labeled service from documents collection to real time verification.

We provide gaming industry leaders with full-stack online player authentication service to guarantee compliance and high transformation rate with an easy and flexible integration.



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